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The academic program at

Tri-City Christian Academy challenges both

analytical and creative thinking. Our rigorous academic curriculum begins in Pre-K and continues

through 12th grade. 


The curriculum at Tri-City Christian Academy is chosen with much prayer and research. Nothing is to be presented to the students that could undermine their faith. All truth is God’s truth; therefore, every subject taught must have biblical principles at its core.

Faculty and staff members must be born-again Christians who show evidence of a strong Christian testimony in word and deed. They are expected to be active members of a local SDA church. In addition, teachers must be qualified in their teaching fields. They must exhibit a teacher’s spirit and a servant’s heart. What they teach by their lives will be remembered long after the subject matter information is lost.

Christian education is an alliance of the Christian home, the local church, and the school. It is the purpose of Tri-City Christian Academy to assist the home and the church, never to usurp their authority. We must provide a support structure that helps to form and nurture vibrant Christian citizens.



Tri-City Christian Academy places a high importance on the academic success of each student.  We have a balanced approached to the complete education of the child.  Technology is incorporated into each classroom, but we take the focus away from the technology itself and place it directly on the learning and teaching it facilitates.

TCA blends the approach of traditional education with modern technology to prepare students to succeed spiritually, physically, and academically.

Early Childhood
Grades PK-K

At Tri-City Christian Academy, young learners in pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten thrive in a Christ-centered atmosphere designed to promote academic, spiritual, and social growth.

With nurturing teachers and exceptional learning resources, students develop strong foundations as they become well-rounded Christian leaders.


Elementary Grades 
Grade 1-6 

The adventure has begun! And isn’t that what Elementary School should be? An adventure? After all, this is an unprecedented season of growth and change.

When children are provided with a supportive, nurturing, innovative environment in which to grow and learn, amazing things ensue. For our students, the result is an unshakeable foundation of faith and identity. In our classrooms and throughout our halls, students are guided towards truth — both scriptural truth and the truth of who they are, at their core. In truth, they find freedom. And in that freedom, they soar.

Upper Grades
Grade 7-12

During this season of life, it is likely that your student will spend most of their waking hours with their teachers, coaches, and classmates. Those influences will shape who your child will become. At Tri-City Christian Academy, we perceive upper grades as a time of immense potential — a time for expanded leadership, where students are given increased freedom and responsibility to pursue academic acuity and God-given gifts. 


At TCA, our faculty and staff are the “living curriculum,” doing life alongside our students, influencing, mentoring, and molding them into mature Christian leaders. We believe that God has a specific purpose for each of our students, and we love having a front row seat as His plans unfold.

We offer high school students the opportunity to take dual enrollment and/or college credit classes from Adventist and other universities and colleges. Sophomore students can take Ancient/World History and Bible classes from Andrews & Southern University. Juniors and Seniors can take The Life and Teachings of Jesus, Psychology, Reading/Writing Composition, and Statistics. 

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Electives are an essential element of the experience at Tri-City Christian Academy.  Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of interesting electives that are both challenging and fun! Created to inspire and encourage these bright young minds, electives are also wonderful springboards for exploring new interests and applying Biblical principles in unique ways.

Students in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to choose from several electives including gymnastics, art, bell choir, choir, robotics, and physical education.


The curriculum is built to grow and expand with the students who are passionate to be challenged if they want to take a class twice.


Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) is a research-based assessment tool that supports students and educators worldwide by creating assessment solutions that precisely measure growth and proficiency—and provide insights to help tailor instruction. 

For 40 years, NWEA has developed K–12 assessments and professional learning offerings to help advance all students along their optimal learning paths. Their tools are trusted by educators in more than 9,500 schools, districts, and education agencies in 145 countries.

Our students are assessed 3 times a year to monitor growth and identify any academic needs that students may have to be addressed through intervention. Students are assessed in Math, Reading, and Language Usage. 

Children Praying

Spiritual Life

Being a Christian school we are blessed to be able to make disciples through the education process.  This discipleship that we are commanded to be a part of (Matthew 28:19) is accomplished in many ways at Tri-City Christian Academy.

Beginning in the Early Education program all the way through 12th grade, our students are taught Biblical principles that are able to make them wise concerning salvation (II Timothy 3:15). This is accomplished through regular Bible classes using the Encounter Bible Curriculum and Three Angel's messages for Kids, chapels, and Biblical integration throughout the curriculum. We are blessed to have Chaplain Kari Sheldon lead the spiritual growth program on campus. With a Masters's in Divinity from Andrews University, she is well equipped to connect with students and address the good and challenging questions they have.  

Some other opportunities offered to students include chapel praise teams, morning Bible studies, prayer walks, local and foreign mission work, advisor groups, and a student chaplain program.  The Lord has blessed TCA with a great staff that loves the Lord and is committed to developing relationships with students in small group settings.

Our desire at Tri-City Christian Academy is to influence the whole child and the whole family for Christ. We recognize that God has given the parent the responsibility to raise the children and that the parents give us the opportunity to assist them in that calling. We are honored that you would consider partnering with us in the spiritual life of your child.

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