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Electives are an essential element of the experience at Tri-City Christian Academy.  Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of interesting electives that are both challenging and fun! Created to inspire and encourage these bright young minds, electives are also wonderful springboards for exploring new interests and applying Biblical principles in unique ways.

TCA Robotics.jpg


In Robotics we concentrate on more than just programming a robot. The entire FIRST program is built upon three equally important parts. 

(1) Core Values, (2) Innovation Project, and (3) programming the Robot. The Core Values that we teach the kids are Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork, and Fun. During class, we break out into groups moving the kids between the innovation project, the robot design, and missions, while always incorporating core values into everything we do. There is an annual Robotics competition that we attend each year, where we are graded on how well we incorporated the Robot Game, Research, Robot Design, and Core Values.


Middle School Bell Choir (6-8 grade)

Students will learn to play handbells and also to work together as a team. They will learn basic music theory in order to be able to read music. The MS Bell Choir will perform for school programs/concerts, churches programs, and community events.

High School Bell Choir (9-12 grade)

This Bell Choir is more advanced than the MS Bell Choir and for that reason, the HS students that choose to be part of this Choir have to be familiar with some basic music theory and also be able to read musical notes. The students will work on perfecting their musical skills and will practice teamwork.

The HS Bell Choir will participate in different programs/concerts at churches/schools and also in community events and/or out-of-state church/school programs/festivals.


High School Choir (9-12 grade)

Students who can/like to sing and want to learn more about developing their singing voices are welcomed in this Choir.

HS Choir will perform at school/churches programs/concerts, music festivals, and community events.


String Ensemble

Students that play the violin, viola, or cello can be part of this group.

The String Ensemble will participate in school programs/concerts, church programs, and community events.

Painting Equipments


Grades 6-8 Art Elective

Students in this course will concentrate on the 7 elements of art. Their projects will reflect their understanding and use of color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value to create their artistic vision.  Students explore using several mediums including pencil, colored pencil, marker, pastel chalk, watercolor, acrylic, clay, collage, found objects, and various paper projects. Grading is based on rubrics.  Students will have the opportunity to enter various art competitions including the annual NCDOT Aviation Art Contest.

Art I Elective (Open to High School students grades 9-12)

Students in this course will review the 7 elements of art; color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value. This course will concentrate on the 10 common principles of art which are balance, emphasis, harmony, movement, pattern, proportion, repetition, rhythm, unity, and variety. In addition, students will learn to view the elements of art as tools and the principles of art as the way to apply them to achieve their artistic goals.  Students will use several mediums to create their projects.  Students will have the opportunity to enter various art competitions including the annual NCDOT Aviation Art Contest.  Grading is rubric-based.


Art II Elective (Open to High School students, prerequisite Art I)

Students in this course will display their understanding of and skill in applying the 7 elements of art and the 10 principles of art in their artworks.  Students will have access to several mediums as they build their art portfolio.  Each student will set their goals to match their area of interest along with the approval of the instructor. All students will present their art portfolio in an art exhibition during the 4th quarter.  Grading will be based on the student’s portfolio progression and their art exhibition.


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Here at TCA we have a dedicated STEM lab that is fully equipped with 12 state of art computers, a Dremel 3D printer, a Muse Full Spectrum Laser Engraver, a Carbide 3D wood cutter, Drones, and building kits, all to help foster the scientist and engineers of our future!

Gymnastics 1.jpg

High School Gymnastics

This elective introduces students to Acro gymnastics. Gymnastics experience is not required.  This class will help students develop good communication and cooperative skills.  Students will learn very quickly that trust is key when learning new stunting skills.  Throughout the year students will be introduced to an array of skills like balancing and tumbling skills, as well as doubles and group stunting.  At the end of the year, the team will demonstrate what they have learned by performing a choreographed group gymnastics routine during the TCA Gymnastics Home show.  

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